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I'm stepping away from LJ rapidly.  This is not a good venue to write about my life.  I'll try to keep reading to keep up with you all, but posting hardly appeals to me.

Oh, sure, a book meme

What we have below are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread*" by LibraryThing’s users--as in, they sit on the shelf to make you look smart or well-rounded.

bold the ones you've read,
underline the ones you read for classes (at least once),
italicize the ones you started but didn't finish,
* if it's actually on your bookcase and you haven't read it.
+ for the ones that you really want to read but haven't gotten to yet


Thanks, the_neon_one

I needed a lift and a reminder that happiness comes from being present within--that happiness need not be all consuming.  That said,

Mar. 2nd, 2008

I've been so focused on the immediate that I feel like I'm drifting.  I'm not sure what's motivated the Shut Down, but all the symptoms are there.  My body is sore.  I miss people who have made efforts to be in contact with me, but I don't feel like talking because I don't have much clarity.  Sigh.  Stress.  Guilt.


Share the commonwealth?

Hey Current Carls, specifically, zinniazaydathe_neon_one, and weltinnenraum,
Do you have electronic access to Commonwealth essays and studies* through Carleton?  Or the e-journal Ariel?  For as large as the University of Michigan is, we don't do a lot with British studies it seems.  And our subscriptions to databases aren't covering it either.  I'm trying to get access to a few articles that keep turning up in searches in the MLA Bibliography Database for my Lit Review, and I can't get the articles fast enough through ILLiad.  Could you help me out?
Hmm, seirai, you're U of Madison, and andrylisse you're at Northwestern!  Could I ask you two to check your university libraries, too?
*EDIT: I fixed the journal title so that I'm asking to access the actual journal I intended.
PS. Research is making me think of you, emu1863!  Congratulations on your admission and decision making that will land you in Madison!


Cue music.

Hey to lucyrachel and alkor in the xkdc feed!  Yeah!

My feminism also says that I don't like today's comic.  Or the comments that try to engage with others who say it's sexist with, "well, if it's sexist, blame reality."  Being political really cuts down on the number of jokes that are funny to me.
What the bloggin blog?
(Comment to be added)
ETA @ 2:47 AM:  No one's been deleted from the Friends List.  This is for new-comers.

I get so stuck if I can't beat a game.

I finally beat Minesweeper on Expert!

Mixed Messages

So much to write about.  Will update tomorrow morning.
  • GIEU and my (mis)adventures.
    • Peers and intellectual and emotional (im)maturity.  I was one of the oldest students on the trip, and I think it showed.
    • Fun with new people at UNO.
  • Surging feeling of joy in returning to the co-op, to be around Jesse, Melita, and Hiro.
  • Becoming a reader.  I read Roots while in New Orleans.  I've been reading a lot.
  • Went to the library today.  Got good twentieth century classical and some books to prepare for Algebra Project training and to wrap up my experience in New Orleans.
  • Downloaded Windows Media Player 12 by Julianne's recommendation.  For Windows software, I'm pleased.  Windows has done what it does well: steal Apple products; tirelessly update them; and release the new version prematurely.
  • Watched American History X, and it's a sorry excuse of an anti-racist film.  Many of the tired patterns of films that vindicate a still fucked up white racial identity cropped up and predominated the film.
    • <s>The only redeeming grace is Edward Norton's butt in an inopportune moment. </sarcasm>